Learning to Assert Yourself

Today’s blog post is another book recommendation. Many clients attending my Plymouth Hypnotherapy practice complain that other people take advantage of them, and that their more confident colleagues are listened to even when they’re talking nonsense. These clients are lacking in assertiveness, and the results of this can end in frustration, depression, and occasionally even violence when “something snaps”. The good news is that you can learn to be assertive, just as you can learn to drive. Assertiveness begins as a set of behaviours, which can be learned and practiced till they happen automatically. Once these habits are developed, other people will treat you more respectfully, and this “feeds back” into your own beliefs about yourself. “When I Say No I Feel Guilty” by Manuel J Smith is an excellent self-help book for those who want to learn to be assertive. It contains many exercises and scripts, and is written in a simple clear style. It was written many years ago, but you can easily find it second hand online, or perhaps even in one Plymouth’s excellent second hand book shops on the Barbican!