SEXUALITY PROBLEMS can cause great distress, for several reasons. Sex is a basic human need. Having problems with your sexuality often reduces confidence in other areas of life. Embarrassment deters many people from seeking help. And many people don’t realise how common sexual problems are- their friends may boast about their sexual successes, but will generally keep quiet about difficulties. Some sexual problems can respond very quickly to hypnotherapy, but others are rooted in psychological problems which may go back to childhood, and these may take longer to unravel. I can assess how deep your problems go at your free initial consultation. Of course, results will vary from person to person as with any therapy. In my experience the difference between success and failure is mostly down to the client’s level of motivation, which is why no therapist or doctor can ever guarantee success.

healthy sexuality

This is not the only image of ideal sexuality!

IMPOTENCE or ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is a common sexuality disorder, that often responds well to hypnotherapy. It is normally a form of “performance anxiety”, where the anticipation of failure causes anxiety, which in turn causes loss of erection, thus creating a vicious circle. Impotence can however be a sign of physical disease, so I insist that any client must see their GP before beginning hypnotherapy.

SEXUAL DIVERSITY. Gay and lesbian sexuality is increasingly accepted nowadays, however some sexual minorities are still misunderstood by the “vanilla” mainstream. Clients of my Plymouth hypnotherapy and counselling practice can be assured of absolute confidentiality, within the limits set out in “How I Work”. I am open-minded about all forms of sexuality, so long as all participants are consenting adults, risk-aware, and are not endangering other people outside of their relationship.

PORNOGRAPHY is not a problem for most people, but in some cases it can become a sort of “addiction”, possibly endangering one’s real-life relationships. Like over-eating or smoking it may be a simple habit, or a sign of more complex underlying problems. I have helped several people with this problem, using a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling.

EMBARRASSMENT deters many from seeking help for sexual problems. Fortunately, hypnotherapy does not require detailed discussion of physical functions. And hypnotherapists do not perform physical examinations. In some cases however you would need a physical examination from your GP before beginning hypnotherapy, in case there was a medical cause for your problem.

I AM UNABLE TO TREAT SEX OFFENDERS. A sex offender is anyone who is having any sexual activity without the other person’s full consent as the law defines it. No person under the age of sixteen can legally consent to sexual activity. If you are committing or contemplating a sexual offence, I would urge you to seek specialist help by contacting the “Lucy Faithfull Foundation”, which is a charity set up by the late Baroness Lucy Faithfull OBE to help sex offenders. Their website is HERE.
I cannot maintain confidentiality if you tell me that are committing or contemplating a sex crime. This includes viewing child pornography.