Other Problems

The problems discussed in the separate articles above are only the most common conditions I have have treated. Below I’ve listed some of the other less common problems which I’ve helped with over the past 21 years.¬†Of course, results will vary from person to person as with any therapy. In my experience the difference between success and failure is mostly down to the client’s level of motivation, which is why no therapist or doctor can ever guarantee success.

Acrophobia (fear of heights)

Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces)

Anger Management

Help for Nervous Drivers and Driving Test Anxiety

Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)


Body Image

Cannabis Dependence

Cocaine Dependence

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Confidence Building on Returning to Work

Confidence Building after Trauma (such as criminal assault)

Delayed Ejaculation

Driving Test Anxiety

Exam nerves

Fear of Bees and Wasps

Fear of Dogs

Fear of Surgery (Mastectomy)


Help for Insomnia and Sleep problems


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Obsessive jealousy

Performance Anxiety (Musicians and Singers)

Personality Disorder

Porn “Addiction”

Premature Ejaculation


There’s plenty more, but that’s enough for now! Call me on 01752 829 436, or email me via the CONTACT FORM, to arrange a free initial discussion, where I can assess the root causes of your problem and devise a treatment plan to help you.