CONFIDENCE is often completely unconnected to peoples’ actual abilities.  I’ve met hundreds of highly talented people who feel held back by lack of confidence. Hypnotherapy can help to improve confidence both generally and in specific areas of life.

most people learn confidence as children

Some people learn confidence in childhood, others must learn it in adult life

PUBLIC SPEAKING is one area where being unconfident causes problems. Some people talk nonsense with perfect assurance, while others have great difficulty speaking despite having intelligence and knowledge. I’ve helped many people to feel more comfortable with public speaking and performing. The approach is mostly quite simple- using hypnosis to teach the client to control their anxiety (See “Hypnotherapy for Anxiety”).Underlying issues can then be addressed through counselling.

ASSERTIVENESS is a related issue. As well as controlling anxiety through hypnosis, Solution-Focused Counselling is used to help clients foresee and plan for the possible results of being more assertive. Assertiveness training is not about being selfish or aggressive. It is about preventing bullying and resentment, and helping people to achieve their full potential.

Of course, results will vary from person to person as with any therapy. In my experience the difference between success and failure is mostly down to the client’s level of motivation, which is why no therapist or doctor can ever guarantee success.