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You can now use the contact form to contact me if this is more convenient than phoning, however at present I only have a laptop so I’m getting my head simultaneously around Laptop keyboards, mousepad, and Windows 7, which is a steep learning curve! If you’re an existing client and so have my mobile number, it’s still better to text.

New location at Barbican Therapy Centre!

As of 1st August I am now seeing new clients at the Barbican Therapy Centre, 7 Stokes Lane, Barbican, Plymouth, PL1 2LW. Stokes Lane is one of the small lanes linking Southside Street (the main street of the Barbican) with New Street (the narrow street higher up). Stokes Lane is a quiet little street despite being only yards from this historic and picturesque area that attracts visitors from all over the world. The Barbican Therapy Centre is a very pleasant, comfortable and quiet environment, used by a variety of therapists whose work may also be of interest to you. Click HERE for more details.

New post on my Facebook page!

For a change I’ve put my latest post on my Facebook Business page. You can read it HERE

It’s about the physical and mental components of pain, explaining why they are equally “real”.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not on Facebook- you can still read it as it’s a public business site.