Pete Luce Profile

HOW PETE LUCE BECAME INTERESTED IN HYPNOTHERAPY I’ve been helping people with their personal and psychological problems for over 30 years. As a mental health nurse in Inner London in the 1980s, I tried to understand why my patients behaved the way they did. Gaining their confidence, I learned that their bad life experiences often underlay their problems. Medications calmed them, enabling them to live outside the hospital, but didn’t solve their underlying problems.

PETE LUCE ‘S TRAINING AS A HYPNOTHERAPIST. In search of greater understanding, I began hypnotherapy training in 1987. I developed a fascination for hypnosis, learning many effective techniques of hypnotism. In 1993 I obtained my hypnotherapy diploma, quit nursing, and returned to my roots to open my Plymouth hypnotherapy and counselling practice. I obtained my Counselling Diploma in 2002, and have also taken courses in Solution-focused Brief Therapy.

WORKING AS A HYPNOTHERAPIST AND COUNSELLOR. I’ve mainly worked in private practice as a hypnotherapist in Plymouth, but I’ve also been a counsellor for Employee Assistance Providers and in the free counselling service formerly provided by Plymouth MIND. I’ve been admitted to several hypnotherapy organisations, and have continued to enhance my counselling and hypnosis skills and my knowledge of psychology through extensive further training and discussions with other counsellors and hypnotherapists. However, my greatest source of learning has always been my clients. Every client is different, so my way of working requires an individualised approach to every client’s needs.

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