My Registration

I summarised my registration on my home page, but here are more details. I am registered with the following organisations, whose codes of conduct require high standards of training and practice. Click on the organisation name for a link to their own websites.

UNITED KINGDOM COUNCIL FOR PSYCHOTHERAPY. This organisation represents the whole psychotherapy profession within the UK. UKCP members are required to have undertaken extensive in-depth theoretical and practical study over at least a four year period, and to go on studying and improving their knowledge and practice for as long they remain in the profession. They are also required to have experienced psychotherapy for themselves. Due to my UKCP registration, my insurance provider (Balens) charges me a very low rate for professional civil liability insurance (six million pounds cover). Hypnotherapists who are not UKCP registered pay nearly three times as much. This is because my insurer knows that UKCP registered hypno-psychotherapists are unlikely to need to claim on their insurance, due to their high standards of professional practice.

NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HYPNOSIS AND PSYCHOTHERAPY. I am a “Fellow” of this organisation- this grade denotes substantial experience. 



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