Monthly Archives: May 2015

New Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Programme

I have now redesigned and upgraded my hypnotherapy for weight loss programme. I’ve been interested in nutrition for over 30 years, and from my nursing background I’m well aware that being overweight is the biggest single health problem in this country. It also has huge impact on many peoples’ emotional well-being. When people lose significant amounts of weight they often make other big changes in their lives. My hypnosis for weight loss programme includes the following special features:

  • Hypnotherapy to address the underlying causes of comfort eating
  • Full support with diet planning and keeping your food diary using the free website.
  • Ongoing support between sessions via telephone, text or email
  • Individualised CD or MP3 to reinforce your hypnosis sessions at no extra charge
  • Pay as you go- no demand for advance payments.

Call me now on 01752 829 436 to book your free initial assessment! Or use the contact form by clicking HERE.