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Hypnotherapy for Skin Complaints

I’m sometimes asked whether Hypnotherapy can help with skin complaints. Indeed it can- the use of hypnotherapy for skin complaints is backed by solid scientific evidence.

The “Oxford Handbook of Hypnosis: Theory, Research and Practice” is published by Oxford University, one of the most highly respected Universities in the world. Chapter 15 of this large textbook discusses the research into hypnotherapy for skin disorders. This chapter is written by Dr Grant Benham PhD of the University of Texas, and Dr Jarred Younger PhD of Stanford University in California. Stanford has produced 59 Nobel prize-winners, 30 living billionaires, and 17 astronauts!

Benham and Younger quote from 53 scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating various skin disorders, including eczema, psoriasis, and warts.

An important element of the therapy in many skin disorders is to get the patient to stop scratching. This is achieved partly through modifying the patient’s perception of the itching sensation, making it more bearable. A similar approach is effective with chronic pain. Hypnosis also helps by enabling the patient to notice when they are scratching and to stop immediately- because often the scratching is so habitual that the patient hardly knows they’re doing it.