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Hypnosis is not Arm Wrestling

When assessing clients at my Plymouth and Exeter hypnotherapy practice, I’m still sometimes asked a question along these lines.

“Are you powerful enough to hypnotise me and take control of my mind and make me do this or that?”

This question always rings alarm bells. Some people really seem to think of hypnosis as a “battle of wills,” a contest like arm-wrestling. They regard themselves as “strong-willed” and therefore doubt they can be hypnotised. Sometimes they seem to have some fantasy of the ideal hypnotherapist as being stern, mysterious, and domineering- like some character played by Christopher Lee in a movie!

The fact is that hypnosis itself is very powerful, but the power can only be found through collaboration between client and therapist. It’s not something that one person DOES to another. Many of my most successful clients have been very strong-willed, tough-minded people.

As regards “taking control,” I have no wish to take control of any mind other than my own. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way for clients to gain better self-control, and to prevent themselves from being controlled unwittingly by other people. A professional hypnotherapist is not interested in “making you” do anything. He or she is there to help you do things for yourself.