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Hello and welcome to my website!

Over the past 21 years I’ve helped thousands of people to overcome their problems and have better lives. Maybe somebody I’ve helped has told you about my work, and you’re wondering if I can help you too. We can start to answer that question right now, before you even contact me. Ask yourself these questions.

What exactly do you want to change about yourself?

If you succeeded, with my help, how would you know? What differences would other people notice?

Are you willing to play an active part in making those changes, so long as what you’re asked to do is possible? Hypnotherapy is not about just sitting back while someone changes you by magic. It requires active participation. And that goes for me too- I don’t just sit there listening to you. Hypnosis makes it easier to make the changes that you want to make- but YOU have to want them!

Will you make the time to turn up regularly for a course of therapy, planning in advance to ensure you can attend? Making big changes such as increased self-confidence and improved attitude to life in general typically takes about 7 sessions. Losing weight can take about 6 sessions if weight gain is due to comfort eating (eating to blot out unhappiness, bad memories, etc). Where over-eating is just a habit and there’s no big underlying problems, about 3 sessions is generally enough. Help for relationship problems typically takes about 5 sessions. Psychosomatic problems like IBS, chronic pain etc can be helped in about the same time, but could take longer if there’s other underlying problems or if the physical component of the pain worsens due to physical changes. Stopping excessive drinking or drug use typically takes about 4 sessions, but as with weight it takes longer if there’s major underlying problems. Phobia, general anxiety, lack of sleep, excessive stress can all typically be helped in about 3 sessions. Smoking generally one session plus a free preparatory session, unless there’s serious underlying problems. These numbers are only a rough guide.

You need to be ready to keep coming and not give up at the first setback. There will generally be ups and downs, three steps forward one step back. If your problems improve after the first session for a day or two at least, then that is a good start and worth persisting. Remember that most clients have had their problem for years before they come to see me. In many cases they have also had other therapies which haven’t worked. 

Finally- are you prepared to face some opposition to the changes you want to make, and to resist that opposition with my help?

Those are the questions that matter. It’s motivation and commitment that I’m looking for. I do NOT need you to be wealthy or well-educated- though I won’t be intimidated if you are! My clients come from all classes, races and nationalities, age groups, religions and sexual orientations.

I am especially interested in helping clients who have had severely disturbed childhoods, or who have a complex mess of interlocking problems, or who have seen many other therapists and counsellors without improvement. This includes people who have seen hypnotherapists before and not been hypnotised.

The clients who have been helped the most by my therapy have mainly needed help for abnormal fear and anxiety (including phobia), loss of confidence due to bad experiences, problems in relationships including long history of bad relationships, extreme work-related stress, excessive weight and physical pain.

On other pages you will find more detailed articles about the main problems for which I provide effective help. There’s also information about hypnotherapy- how it works, how it feels and how it helps. And there’s also information about my background, style of working, qualifications and professional registration. Click on the headings above the picture of Plymouth Hoe to find these articles. If you’d prefer you can watch the short video introduction by clicking the image on the right. There are several other videos on other pages.

 CLICK HERE to contact me, or phone 01752 829 436.

I will take calls any time before 10 pm if I’m available, if I’m unavailable you can leave a message on my answerphone.


I can hypnotise almost anyone who wants to be hypnotised.

I will not keep you waiting with a long drawn out assessment process- I will normally start hypnotherapy on your first paying session.

My clients normally enjoy their therapy sessions and start to feel better from the first session.

My clients normally feel better at the end of each session they attend.

My clients have no fear of hypnotism after their first session, even if they were previously afraid of the idea.

I take an active role- I do not merely sit and listen while you talk at length about your unhappiness.

I never read to my clients from a script. All my therapy is tailored to the client’s individual needs.

All of my self-hypnosis CDs are made individually- not mass produced. And there is no extra charge for them.

Nothing you can tell me is going to shock me. I have twenty one years experience in hypnotherapy, and many years in mental health nursing before that.


Here’s some more about me. You’ll see that every statement is backed up by evidence.


The hypnotherapy profession is not legally controlled- anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist or set up a hypnotherapy register. Only two registers on which hypnotherapists are listed are approved by the Government’s Professional Standards Authority. One is the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), and the other is the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) Register. I am registered with both. Insurance companies, whose business depends on assessing safety, recognise UKCP registered hypnotherapists as safe practitioners. That’s why I’m approved by most of the main private health insurance companies, and I pay a very low premium for my own professional insurance. Click HERE for more about my registration. I also have Enhanced CRB Disclosure. Click HERE to see my profile on the website of BUPA, which is the UK’s biggest private health insurer. I am also a member of the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis.

CNHC quality mark


I work from two pleasant locations in Plymouth.

Barbican Therapy Centre, 7 Stokes Lane, Barbican, Plymouth, PL1 2LW.  This is in the heart of the historic Barbican area. Stokes Lane is one of the little streets between Southside Street (the main street of the Barbican area) and New Street. There is a receptionist,  Click HERE for how to get there. I see clients there on Wednesday afternoon and evening. Evening appointments are available for clients who cannot come at other times.

Plymouth Natural Health and Healing Centre, Unity House, 175 Outland Road, Plymouth, PL2 3PY. This is a quiet and spacious building with a pleasant atmosphere, used by a wide variety of health practitioners and groups. It’s in a suburban area near Central Park, with plenty of car parking nearby. I see clients there on Tuesdays daytime, but I will be extending to evenings there also. 


This might be the first time you’ve ever talked about your problem. But I’ve been listening to people talk about their problems for over 35 years, including my previous career in mental health nursing. I will help you tell me your story, without judging or dismissing you. Click HERE to know more about me.


Effective hypnotherapy and counselling requires in-depth knowledge of the human mind. I have the only hypnotherapy diploma to be credited at post-graduate level by the Open University. It required 1,800 hours of study and practice. I also have a psychology degree, a counselling diploma, and have done extensive further training with British and American experts like Dr Brent Geary, Dr Mike Yapko, and Dr Geoff Ibbotson. All my therapy is based on scientific evidence where this is available. I’ve seen many clients who could not be hypnotised by other hypnotherapists. Some had even been told they were “unhypnotisable!” These clients are often delighted to discover how easily they can experience hypnosis, with my help. Click HERE for more about my training.


Despite working from a nice office and having very extensive training- none of which comes cheap- my sessions are competitively priced at £45 per session. Remember that hypnotherapy is intended to fix your problem so you don’t have it anymore. It’s not like a haircut that needs to be repeated over and over again.

 CLICK HERE to contact me, or phone 01752 829 436.

I will take calls any time before 10 pm if I’m available, if I’m unavailable you can leave a message on my answerphone.

Many of my clients take several weeks between finding my website and making an appointment, To be sure you don’t lose my name and contact details, bookmark this site and click the yellow “Facebook Posts” box on the right to find my separate Facebook page. There you can “like” my page and be automatically updated on new posts and articles. You can also click the Twitter button to follow me on Twitter.

I also work in Exeter- you can visit my Exeter hypnotherapy website by clicking HERE.

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